Exhibitor Information

Show Times:

Friday April 7th        5pm to 9 pm

Saturday April 8th   10am to 5pm

Sunday April 9th    10am  to 5pm

Move In:

Thursday April 6th   RED ARENA  9;30am. to 9pm.

Friday April 7th   7.00am to Noon


Thursday April 7th 10.30 am. to 9.00pm

Friday April 8th    7am to Noon

Move Out:

Sunday April 9th       5pm  to 10pm

Monday April 10th      7am  to  noon

Exhibitors must be moved in by Noon Friday to allow carpets to be run in aisles.

Exhibitors must be moved out by noon, Monday April 10th

Exhibitors must park in the exhibitor parking lot and use the exhibitors entrance.

Exhibitor passes provided at move in

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